Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Last Trip to Golden Gate

The last Sunday we were in CA we decided to head to the Golden Gate Bridge one last time.  The Golden Gate has always been my absolute favorite part of the city so to see it one more time was a must.  I also wanted to have a picture or two of Ella there since she was born in the bay area.  I know, she'll look back at them some day and just love them.  My little California girl.
It was a really sunny day....not the clearest...but sunny and the temperature was great.  Also, there was barely any wind at all which is not normal for the hill near the bridge.  So, it was a perfect day to go see it.

all smiles for these two

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daddy always attracts ella's attention.

family picture at the Golden Gate Bridge-February 2013

See you next time, SF.

Friday, February 8, 2013

First Six Months

I thought it'd be fun to compile the first 6 months of Ella pictures to see her growth and changes.

How stinking cute is that!?!  It's so fun to go back and look at her at each stage.  I can totally see her adorable little personality develop through the pictures.  She is the sweetest little thing I tell you, the sweetest thing.

6 Months

A little late....the moving business is ridiculous right now!  1 week and counting and we will be on our way to NE then TX then in July Mississippi!

My precious little girl is 6 months!  She is getting SOOOO BIIIIG!

***will expand on the pic above later... I have to get back to packing things up!