Monday, July 29, 2013

11 Months

Sleeping Better....finally!--I feel like I go back in forth with this all the time...but she really is sleeping better again!
One Year Old!--We ask her how old she is and she'll stick her finger up and shake her hand.
Pulling UP--she's doing really well at pulling herself up and then she'll stand playing with toys for 5-20 minutes
Favorite Toy:  Stacking Cups--She Loves playing with all the different sizes of stacking cups.  She acts like she's sticking them in her mouth to drink out of them, bang them together, stack them, put pacis or other objects in them, etc.
Visited Florida--Ella went to Florida for the first time to visit her grandparents after Kyle finished in Texas.
Moved to Mississippi--It was a big month for her, we also officially moved to Mississippi.
Two more Teeth--she now has 4 teeth.  She got her top left k9 on July 6 and then the top left front tooth the next day.
Favorite Food:  Cheerios--She LOVES Cheerios.  She lights up when we shake the box and she signs more more more.  She will sit on my lap and eat them up for quite a while in the morning when she wakes up, it's adorable.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

11 Months

Finally, here are the 11 month pictures of Miss Ella.  We are so ready to be done in this darn TLF.  Not only is it just plain awful all around but it's got the absolute WORST lighting ever and I'm NOT good enough with my camera yet to fix that problem.  So, once again, bare with me on the photos.  At least the face is adorable no matter what.  

she's signing I LOVE YOU because the toy we were distracting her with says I LOVE YOU when you squeeze it.  How cute, huh?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Family Photos

After we finished in Texas, we drove up to see our BFFs in northern TX.  Brittany took our family pictures and I took their family pictures.  They all turned out pretty great!  Here's just a few...some are goofs but I thought they would be cute!  Check out my logo on the pictures I took of Ella and let me know if you like it!  :)

Can Not Wait to hang these up in our house!  We move in next week!  finally.

quite a bit overexposed but still good...I'll fix it later.

towards the end of the shoot...El was done....I kept trying to turn her around on my lap but she kept turning and wanting to lay on my shoulder.  

I wish I wasn't in this picture because it's awesome of Kyle and Ella.  I look like a head floating in the pic.  That face is my favorite!

She's definitely a Winkler....she squints too!  ;)

Such a sweet baby girl

Atlantic Ocean

Not only has little Miss El been to the Pacific Ocean but she's been to the Atlantic Ocean, too!  I remember a picture of me at a lake in Nebraska from when I was a baby and I've always remembered that picture.  So we took some of Ella here at the beach....someday she'll remember these and be glad we took them.  She's also lucky to have grandparents who live in a beautiful place...called Nebra..I mean Florida!  haha!

Ella and Dada made this sand castle....or maybe we just saw it and took a pic in front of it.  hah

She's holding a seashell that Grandpa found for her.  She liked it a lot.  I think we kept it...not sure where it is now. 

Dada and baby walking down the beach

such a happy little thing.

I mean, can you get enough of that pony?!

she would NOT put her feet down in the water.....I think it kinda scared her a bit...I don't blame her at all!

She touched it!

She didn't like the sand either...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Videos Galore

So I got the videos to work....I have no idea how they just showed up.  I'm not complaining!  There are a ton I wanted to share but couldn't until now.  They go back to when she was probably 10 months.  

This is when she first learned to feed herself....yeah at like 9 1/2 months she finally decided to start picking food up on her own.  She is eating Mum Mums which continue to be her absolute favorite thing on this earth besides m.i.l.k., of course.  

At our TLF in Texas Kyle would bounce her on the bed like this and she would juuust laaaaugh!!!

This one she just made cute noises while laughing.  Adorable.

Ella and I would walk over to the BX A LOT while we were in TX.  It was just about a 5 minute walk and there was a Starbucks so obviously a must.  This was right after we came back from Nebraska, so about 9 1/2 months but we were walking in the BX and she started doing this crazy thing.  I mean, at first I thought something was wrong with her...but then she quit doing it and was totally fine, so I think she was just trying to express her happiness!  haha!  She did do it a couple more times over the week following but hasn't really done it since.  It's so funny...I died laughing, and was so excited to have caught in on video.  

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 Months

happy as can be--I'm pretty sure God blessed us with one of the happiest babies ever.  She is a little cheese!
signing more--I taught her how to say more when she wants more of things...basically food.  It's so cute how she puts her hands together when she is signing it.  **I want to post a video of the first time she did it but for some reason I can't figure out how to get my youtube videos to connect here....hopefully i can get it soon.
Picky Eater--well she's been a bit picky lately.  She used to eat anything I'd give her but now she definitely has an opinion.  She's also just not much of an eater...
Sleep=awful--that basically says it all.  Poor thing sleeps on an awful bed, in the room with us or in a new place all the time.  She has no normalcy.
Crawling Everywhere---she's definitely on the move.  It's not terrible but she is busy.
Favorite Food--She still loves mum mums and her fav pouch is purple carrot and berries.
Says, "mammma"--She actually said it for the first time....I have a video but once again, loading issues.
Favorite Toy: Books--she loves her books right now!

**keep in mind this is all from a month and a half ago....late posting...story of my life!  :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

10 Months

I'M BACK!  We are very behind on here from our move that is taking place.  Did I mention we've been without home since February.  Oh and it gets worse....we have no home until AUGUST 1!!!!  So Frustrating.  Temporary living it is.  We did get our computer out of temp storage so I can post again!  yay!

Here are Ella's 10 month pics from forever ago!  Which means 11 month to follow and then it's HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EL!  Party planning is my thing.  Too bad we won't have a home for the party!  Actually, we are going to celebrate her birthday twice.  Once when my parents come at the beginning of August and then when Kyle's come the following month!  It'll be just fine, right?!  Can you tell I may be a bit bitter...haha!  

Ella Brookelynn at 10 months!