Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Atlantic Ocean

Not only has little Miss El been to the Pacific Ocean but she's been to the Atlantic Ocean, too!  I remember a picture of me at a lake in Nebraska from when I was a baby and I've always remembered that picture.  So we took some of Ella here at the beach....someday she'll remember these and be glad we took them.  She's also lucky to have grandparents who live in a beautiful place...called Nebra..I mean Florida!  haha!

Ella and Dada made this sand castle....or maybe we just saw it and took a pic in front of it.  hah

She's holding a seashell that Grandpa found for her.  She liked it a lot.  I think we kept it...not sure where it is now. 

Dada and baby walking down the beach

such a happy little thing.

I mean, can you get enough of that pony?!

she would NOT put her feet down in the water.....I think it kinda scared her a bit...I don't blame her at all!

She touched it!

She didn't like the sand either...

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