Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Right before I went home for the holidays, Ella was getting a bit fussy after she ate, like she wasn't getting enough to be satisfied.  I was worried my supply was getting too low.  I started thinking I should start solids, even though I wanted to wait until she was six months if possible.  After getting to NE my stress level went WAY down and I noticed she wasn't as fussy.  Turns out my stress from packing and flying with her for the first time affected my supply because she was totally fine after a day in NE.

My mom bought some rice cereal for her to try when I got home but since she was doing better I didn't feed it to her for the first couple weeks.  On Christmas day, though, we just decided to try it for fun.  Turns out the kid loves to eat off a spoon. She slurped it right up!  It was adorable!

Her very first taste!

mmmm....more, please!

nom nom nom

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bath Time at Gram Gram's

 Ella loved bath time at Gram Grams...especially when Grammy could give her a bath.  At home we use a little bin that they gave me at the hospital so at Gram Gram's we used a big rubbermaid bowl.  It works great.  Although, she is getting a little big for it and I think would enjoy playing a bit in the bath if I gave her enough room.  I may have to work on that.


Taking a bath in Gram Gram's big bowl.

She had death grip on the side of the bowl.  

Hey big eyes!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


This is right when we got back from NE and she was just a happy little camper talking away to her paci.  This is also one of the first times she took her paci out and held it.

We finally got out her new Exersaucer.  AND SHE LOVES IT as you can see.

More of her just talking away....to her toes.  :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I found this mistletoe headband at Target on our way to the airport to pick up Kyle once he got to NE.  It was in the dollar bins so, of course, I had to get it to take a few photos of Ella with it.  It was pretty big on her so we'll try it again next year.

kisses for dada

Love from mom and dad!

Uncle Shea-Shea

Ella met her Uncle Shea-Shea for the first time and LOVED him so much (as you can tell in the picture)!  We just wish we lived closer so we could play with him more often.  Ella got her first purse from Uncle Shea-Shea for Christmas.  She plays with it all the time and each time we play with it we talk about how cool her Uncle is.

Ella opening her first purse.


Ella woke up to her first snow while we were home in Nebraska.  And by her first snow, I mean BLIZZARD!  We got close to a foot of snow.  My friend, Kinsey, had come to visit and she ended up being stuck for an extra day.  It was quite the storm.  

Seeing the snow after waking up.

She loved it.

Just staring away at the bright snow.

She kept smiling and then laughing!

Ella and Aunt Kinsey.

Later in the day, we brought in snow for her to touch. 

She wasn't real sure about it.

Not too thrilled.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More NE

Ella met her cousin Jared and Tiffany

She met her Great Aunt Becky

Great Aunt Becky and Great Uncle Kurt. 
Meeting and playing with Great Grandma Winkler 

Ella loved this crinkly paper.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Ella made her daddy a card for his birthday and posted it on his wall! Needless to say, daddy loved it!
Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

More NE

Meeting Austin for the first time.

Meeting Great Grandma Joyce and Sarah for the first time.

Ella LOVES her Great Grandma Joyce!

Meeting Great-Aunt Carey

Meeting cousins Bea and Lillias.

Ella loved cousin Cael holding her.

Ella also got to meet Aunt Whitney.  

smiley pants

laying on gram gram

Going to see Gram Gram at work.

helping Gram Gram do her work

Ella wanted Gram Gram to come home and play with her instead of working at her job.  :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The First Week of Ella's Trip to NE

Here are some pictures from my phone from the first week of our 3 week visit to NE.  IT WAS THE BEST TRIP EVER!  We had so much fun with all our family and friends...we even got to meet Kyle's side of the family, too!

saying bye to daddy in the airport

ellla loving on her daddy.
the ridiculous coat for ella to stay warm in in the NE freezing tundra

playing with Gram Gram before bedtime.
playing with Aunt Kik's and cousin baby
playing with Gram Gram

meeting Uncle Adam for the first time!!

lots of smiles

Ella loved her Santa sleeper and her santa rattle from Gram Gram & Grandpa

Meeting Uncle Shea-Shea for the first time!!!  So cute!

well...she was having a hard time meeting all these new people.

sleeping in the swing while Gram Gram was at work

My favorite picture of Gram Gram and ella.

ella in her hot pink pants for my birthday!  Don't worry, she had a hot pink flower headband to match! :)