Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Right before I went home for the holidays, Ella was getting a bit fussy after she ate, like she wasn't getting enough to be satisfied.  I was worried my supply was getting too low.  I started thinking I should start solids, even though I wanted to wait until she was six months if possible.  After getting to NE my stress level went WAY down and I noticed she wasn't as fussy.  Turns out my stress from packing and flying with her for the first time affected my supply because she was totally fine after a day in NE.

My mom bought some rice cereal for her to try when I got home but since she was doing better I didn't feed it to her for the first couple weeks.  On Christmas day, though, we just decided to try it for fun.  Turns out the kid loves to eat off a spoon. She slurped it right up!  It was adorable!

Her very first taste!

mmmm....more, please!

nom nom nom

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