Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Ella!  We didn't dress up again this year but I got her a cute BOO! shirt to wear.  It was cuter than any costume I could have put her in, huh?!  

She couldn't wait to get off the front doorstep to walk on the wet cement.  

Ella with the outdoor pumpkins.

I don't think you can really tell by this picture but this is a very distressed ella.  She wasn't so sure about the scarey trick-or-treaters.  After a few doorbell rings this kid had a grip on me so tight it was ridiculous.  Poor thing.  She would fuss a bit and then say bye after I said bye to the kids but then shake and just plant her head on my shoulder.  Long story short our light had to be shut off so I could get her to calm and go night night.  I felt bad for turning my light off because our street was pretty busy (for being in a town of like 2 people) but duh, Farah...Ella comes first!  :) 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


yes, that's right, I have a walker....finally.  Although, we were totally ok with her waiting until she was 14 months!    She's been taking steps on her own now for a few weeks but last Friday she just kind of took off.  She would take multiple steps in a row (in the video below).  She starts walking from holding herself up on an object (duh) and then takes off.  If she thinks about it too much she has gets nervous but otherwise does great!  Here are a few videos I've actually been able to capture of her!

This video was the first time she took steps on her own.  Believe it or not I actually captured it....but is it not the funniest thing you've ever seen when she realizes what she's doing and flaps her little wings!  haha!

This was last Friday when she took those multiple steps.  She had probably taken about 8 or so steps before I was able to:  
1.  stay calm scrambling to find my phone to take video so she wouldn't be distracted
2.  Get Kyle's attention so he could watch...because he was flying nights so home in the morning
3.  Wait for the phone to actually switch over from photo to took FOREVER!!!

This was later that morning just watching her walk with her push toy....that she loves!  

This one was taken the next day (Saturday) right before we went to the pumpkin patch.  Kyle was feeding her a snack and trying to get her to walk so I could get more video.  She literally cracks me up in the one!
***Oh and the first day we put pigtails in....TO DIE FOR!!!!