Thursday, September 26, 2013

And We're Back!!!.....again.

I've taken a ba-jillion pictures over the last few months...of course!  Here are some of my favorites of my sweet babe. I'll be posting many more.  They may or not be in order.  Most of them are from Instagram.  You can follow me I you'd like!  Oh, by the way, I've changed my Instgram name to @farahbateman if you're not already currently following me! Stayed tunes for her 12 month pictures!  Yes, I said it--12 Months!  And currently she's 14.  How does time slip away?!

This was take while visiting the grandparents in Florida.  We had to go for a coffee run.  

This was also in Florida.  Getting some Chipotle....Ell loves guacamole!

Somebody turned one and also learned to hold up her finger to say how old she was!

I mean...Sooo pretty.  Ugh, those eyes!

Look at those teeth!!!