Thursday, May 30, 2013

Visiting the Anderson's

We made the trip to Northern Texas!  Having so much fun with them up here-we don't want to leave!!!

Ella and Will riding together in the back seat!

Ella is NOT a fan of Roz, the Anderson's pup!  She is absolutely terrified, the poor sweetie.

Playing in the play room with all the fun toys!

Ella finally warming up to Uncle Geoff!  Such a great picture!

Kyle watching from San Antonio because he couldn't come with.  :(

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Kyle stayed in his uniform one day after work while we went out to the playground behind where we are I grabbed my camera because this never happens.  He's usually out of that thing before I can snap my fingers.  Here's just one photo I took, trust me, there's plenty more I will post soon.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Riverwalk

Kyle's parents were able to come visit us in San Antonio last weekend.  They hadn't seen Ella since Christmas so they really enjoyed seeing all of her changes and all the many things she's learned/learning.  We were able to take a stroll down the Riverwalk since Grandma Sharon hadn't seen it yet.  It was literally the most beautiful day ever in San Antonio.  Normally it's like walking into a sauna but it was gorgeous that day.  We basically just made a trip up and down the Riverwalk where all the shops were.  It's always fun to go down there.  Grandpa and Grandma (and Kyle for that matter) even got to hear a couple people gawking over E as she went by in the stroller.   

Ella's favorite things from their stay with us were:

1.  Sitting with Grandpa in church
2.  Learning the 'open the steeple and see all the people' game with Grandma
3.  Playing with Grandma's necklace (see pic below)
4.  Have them to ride with in the backseat
5.  And of course, Grandpa's fun songs

Ella and Kyle with Grandpa and Grandma!  Neat picture except for the random people...I need to crop them out!

Ella and Dada

Ella with Grandpa and Grandma Bateman

Playing with Grandma's neat yellow necklace

We can't wait to see you again!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Recently I've learned more about Instagram....and LOVE it so much!  Download the app people and add me!

I've had it for awhile now but never really knew you can follow people.  I was a but behind!  ;)

My only problem with this post is they are all a bit blurry....and I'm not sure how to fix it so they are getting posted as is.  :)

You can Follow me and Ella at fbateman23

Ella and dada out to eat.  Cutest thing ever!
This was Ella in her swimsuit the afternoon before she started can see how close she actually was!

flying with daddy!

That face is priceless.  

so is this one.

eating her puffs all by herself!

Monday, May 13, 2013

9 Months

WE'VE HIT 9 MONTHS!  Once again, I can not believe it. I've just decided that it's easier to post at the end of the month that she is because then I can really write down what she does that month.  So Ell will actually be 10 months this week but here are the 9 month pics and stats!

Had to include this because she's doing...SO BIIIIG!

Grown a Ton-I have noticed such a change in her weight.  Even in the month I was home I could tell she had put on some pounds.  We think she weighs around 17 or 18 pounds.  Very anxious to get her weighed!
Waving Bye-Bye-She also waves hi sometimes but does better with bye-bye.  She even waves at strangers in the shopping cart.  It's adorable.
Favorite Food-Carrots, apples, blueberrries--She loves all of these.  She still will basically eat whatever I give her but she downs these three things.
Signing I LOVE YOU--Ok so she just puts her hand up in the air but I it's definitely I LOVE YOU.  :)  She doesn't always do it but when you really have her attention she'll do it.
Clapping--She's learned to clap and play Pat-A-Cake.  It's, of course, adorable!
SOOO BIIIIIG--She throws her hands up and then waits for you to say, 'SOOOO BIIIIG"
Crawling--We have a crawler.....see THIS post.
Favorite Toy--She loves this wooden worm or caterpillar thing that Aunt Kiki and Uncle Adam got her for Christmas....she basically loves to chew on it!
Drinking out of Sippy--She drinks water out of her sippy really well now.  Usually up to 4 or 5oz a day!
Feeding herself mum mums--finally......she couldn't figure out how to put things in her mouth until recently...which is kinda a good thing when it comes to shoes and bugs, etc...but she wouldn't do food either.....we're getting there!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kalee's Baby Shower

I put on my sister's baby shower while I was home in NE.  It turned out great.  I had an vision of what I wanted it to look like but you never know if it's going to turn out the way you think.  Fortunately, for me, this time it did!

I really wanted wanted to pick out colors and work on crafts before the baby was born...and since we didn't know if the baby was a boy or girl....I had to do somewhat neutral colors.  I chose mint (sea foam) green and coral.  I was seeing a lot of it as it has been a popular color combo in fashion, decor, etc. lately.  I thought it could go either boy or girl.  THEN, Kalee had Callan and he is obviously a boy so i started leaning more towards the mint color while doing finishing more crafts.    

My mom helped me with lots of last minute things mostly with the food.  Abbie, Kalee's BFF helped with some decor and the cupcakes and just setting things up the morning of.  I also had two friends, Amy and Kinsey help me with some of the decor while we sipped on iced mochas and scones!  It was such a help so thank you to those who helped put my vision together!  :)

Kalee and Abbie under the tissue flower wall that Abbie made.  I LOVE THESE!

The welcome wreath and the favors....homemade lotion bars.

The poofs collage above the food table.

A look at the shower decorations.

The poofs and food table.  

These are some coffee filter flowers and frames that I last minute put together....they turned out cute!

Some of the many gifts Callan received.

Some favor bags.

The adorable chocolate covered marshmallows dipped in sprinkles and coconut.

Just some of the food served.  Chicken Salad Croissants, Veggie cups, Pesto Pasta Salad, Cheese and Crackers, chocolate dipped marshmallows, chocolate covered pretzels, cream puffs, 
I had cut out a bunch of circles for the garland but realized they were too small so I thought they'd be cute on toothpicks instead....I thought that worked out great!

These chocolate dipped pretzels were a HUGE hit.  

The drink and cupcake table!  I also made that twine wrapped letter C for Callan to end up having in his nursery.  We served Limeade and Lemon-lime ice water.

We wrapped Callan's stats around the ball jars as the cups for beverages.  And obviously had to have paper straws!

Abbie made these delicious cupcakes for the shower.  I with help from my dear friend, AMY, made these yarn poofs.  How adorable are they?!

I made these with tissue paper following a tutorial I found.  So easy and so cute!  Thanks Kinsey for helping!

This was in the entry way when you walked in.  I had taken a few photos of the family and then hung them so people could take a look while walking in or mingling.
Here is the onesie making station.  We hung all the onesies with clothes pins on the twine.  The guests were instructed to choose a pre cut out applique and then iron it onto whichever onesie they preferred.  There were some pretty cute ones made.

Here are a few pictures from the shower.  Ella did really well considering it was 5 hours past her nap time.  Poor thing.

The only picture my sis and I got of us with our kiddos.  

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On The Move

Well folks, WE HAVE A CRAWLER!  SHE DID IT!!!  She's on the move!  It's so so exciting.  She crawled on May 4th for the first time but we weren't able to get it on video.  So these are from just a couple days later.  It's so cute to watch her little mind and body learn to do new things.  Kyle and I were so proud when we saw her do it.  He and I were just eating our dinner and watching her play on the floor when she went for it....and actually moved a few inches.  The next day she inched again but then the day after that she really took off.  She saw something she wanted and was....ON A MISSION!  Also, on the 7th she sat herself up from being on her tummy.  It was like everything clicked and she could do it all.  Plus, she ALSO, figured out how to put little puffs in her mouth!  Such a big girl, I tell you!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pink Cup, Grandpa, & Uncle Shea Shea

Chewing her pink cup

 Here are some pictures of El with her Grandpa Wink and Uncle Shea Shea from while we were in NE.

If that doesn't melt your heart....

Playing with Uncle Shea Shea. 

They only got to hang out a couple times but El sure warmed right up to him.  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home Goods

I mean...need I say more.  This is my favorite picture ever.  My favorite store with my favorite girl in the world!   

How could it get any better? I took this a while ago and just had to share it because I am so sad that we will not be living in the same town as one once we get to Mississippi.  Luckily, there is one 2 hours away...PHEW!  

While we've been in TX, we need to leave our room in the morning so the maids can come in and clean, so we take regular trips to Home Goods.  We mostly just do lots of looking since we are in a temporary place and aren't sure where we are living yet.  I could literally spend HOURS there. 

Now, here's the kicker...It's right next to a SUPER TARGET and a HOBBY LOBBY!  The best shopping center ever!