Wednesday, May 8, 2013

On The Move

Well folks, WE HAVE A CRAWLER!  SHE DID IT!!!  She's on the move!  It's so so exciting.  She crawled on May 4th for the first time but we weren't able to get it on video.  So these are from just a couple days later.  It's so cute to watch her little mind and body learn to do new things.  Kyle and I were so proud when we saw her do it.  He and I were just eating our dinner and watching her play on the floor when she went for it....and actually moved a few inches.  The next day she inched again but then the day after that she really took off.  She saw something she wanted and was....ON A MISSION!  Also, on the 7th she sat herself up from being on her tummy.  It was like everything clicked and she could do it all.  Plus, she ALSO, figured out how to put little puffs in her mouth!  Such a big girl, I tell you!

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