Monday, May 13, 2013

9 Months

WE'VE HIT 9 MONTHS!  Once again, I can not believe it. I've just decided that it's easier to post at the end of the month that she is because then I can really write down what she does that month.  So Ell will actually be 10 months this week but here are the 9 month pics and stats!

Had to include this because she's doing...SO BIIIIG!

Grown a Ton-I have noticed such a change in her weight.  Even in the month I was home I could tell she had put on some pounds.  We think she weighs around 17 or 18 pounds.  Very anxious to get her weighed!
Waving Bye-Bye-She also waves hi sometimes but does better with bye-bye.  She even waves at strangers in the shopping cart.  It's adorable.
Favorite Food-Carrots, apples, blueberrries--She loves all of these.  She still will basically eat whatever I give her but she downs these three things.
Signing I LOVE YOU--Ok so she just puts her hand up in the air but I it's definitely I LOVE YOU.  :)  She doesn't always do it but when you really have her attention she'll do it.
Clapping--She's learned to clap and play Pat-A-Cake.  It's, of course, adorable!
SOOO BIIIIIG--She throws her hands up and then waits for you to say, 'SOOOO BIIIIG"
Crawling--We have a crawler.....see THIS post.
Favorite Toy--She loves this wooden worm or caterpillar thing that Aunt Kiki and Uncle Adam got her for Christmas....she basically loves to chew on it!
Drinking out of Sippy--She drinks water out of her sippy really well now.  Usually up to 4 or 5oz a day!
Feeding herself mum mums--finally......she couldn't figure out how to put things in her mouth until recently...which is kinda a good thing when it comes to shoes and bugs, etc...but she wouldn't do food either.....we're getting there!


  1. Such CUTE pictures!! Two questions:

    1.) What kind of camera do you use?
    2.) What program do you use to edit your monthly pictures of Ella to add in the words off to the side?

    I'm 8 months pregnant, and would love to do something similar with my little girl. :)

    1. Hi there! Sorry for the late reply! We've been in the middle of a HUGE move.

      1. I have a Nikon D7000 and am in love with it! I highly recommend it! If you're wanting a really good just point and shoot. I also have a Nikon s8100...don't use it much since I splurged on my D7000 but it's a really good p&s.

      2. I use Photoshop and PicMonkey. They are both great!

      Congrats on the little girl-they are the best! :) You're now, probably about ready to deliver if you haven't already! Best wishes! :)

    2. Thanks for the tips! I just checked out PicMonkey...I'd never heard of it before, looks like a great site, thank you!

      I'm due in 2 days and still (not so) patiently waiting for her to make her appearance. These last days are just dragging on. Good luck with your move, thanks again for the reply!!