Thursday, May 2, 2013

Home Goods

I mean...need I say more.  This is my favorite picture ever.  My favorite store with my favorite girl in the world!   

How could it get any better? I took this a while ago and just had to share it because I am so sad that we will not be living in the same town as one once we get to Mississippi.  Luckily, there is one 2 hours away...PHEW!  

While we've been in TX, we need to leave our room in the morning so the maids can come in and clean, so we take regular trips to Home Goods.  We mostly just do lots of looking since we are in a temporary place and aren't sure where we are living yet.  I could literally spend HOURS there. 

Now, here's the kicker...It's right next to a SUPER TARGET and a HOBBY LOBBY!  The best shopping center ever!

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