Monday, May 26, 2014

Long Lashes

Ella had her first 'long eyelash girl' problem.  Both her and I have been having some major allergies down here in the South.  Never (besides 2 weeks while I was pregnant) have I ever had allergies before but boy it's bad down here.  Another reason for me to dislike it here.  Well, Ella's turned into more of a cold one day with her being kind of warm one morning and then her nose literally running like a faucet.  She was also rubbing her eyes a lot that evening (partially due to tiredness, I'm sure) because her eyes were super itchy.  I was cleaning up her room and Kyle was reading her a book and she was apparently rubbing her eyes like a crazy girl.  All of the sudden she began crying….hard.  I looked over and saw she was rubbing her eyes and knew it was something with her eye.  After a few seconds I realized it was a bigger deal than just having an eyelash or dirt in her eye.  She pulled her hand away from her eye long enough for me to realize there was something wrong with her eye.  It wasn't opening all the way but I couldn't tell what was the matter.  At first I thought her lid was flipped up/in all weird.   And then I thought maybe it was a huge black something(bug….eek) stuck in her eye.  I didn't know, my mind was freaking out!  haha  I took her from Kyle and just held her and he went and grabbed a damp cloth.  After he came back and I wiped it a few times and that wasn't helping so I just held her while she cried.

Then…I finally "MOM'd up" and held her arms down while I looked.  Then my heart just sank….get ready…this is the WEIRDEST THING EVER….YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE….her top eyelashes were stuck underneath her bottom eyelid.  Yep, think about it….that's literally what happened.  And her lashes are so long that she couldn't open her eye wide enough to get them out.  I gently pulled both lids apart from each other and freed the lashes and she was as good as new but oh my goodness…the poor girl!  I mean, how does that happen?!  Wow.

I'm sure this won't be the last time she has issues with her lashes.  I always struggle with sunglasses/glasses not fitting because my lashes rub the glass part and you just can't have that.  It's terrible.  I also swear I go through mascara faster than the normal person.  haha…who knows but I think it's true.  I was also made fun of a few times growing up about how long my lashes were…but obviously it's a good thing.  I'm sure those girls who made fun of me then wish they had my lashes now.  :)
I took a couple of pictures of my sweet girl after she fell asleep in the car and realized this was the also the best way to get good lash pictures.

We were playing at the park with our friends one day and Ella was swinging and one of the other moms mentioned Ella's lashes and how it looked as though she was wearing eyeliner.  I laughed because I hadn't thought of that before but then I thought it kinda does…I think not only does she have long lashes but each lash is super thick so that makes them appear darker and fuller, too.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Week of US

We had a somewhat uneventful week last week.  Ella started the week off with a low fever for just a few hours, really, but a super runny nose.  Which I still believe to be allergies.  She's just kinda had a runny nose for the last month since things down here in the South have been growing like crazy.  (like my garden…pictures soon)  After that miserable day of being sorta sick the rest of the week went well. I had a couple routine doc appointments where I had to bring Ella with me last minute because Kyle had some meetings come up at work and all of our friends were out of town at the same time.  But…I shouldn't have worried, Ell was amazing at both appointments.  I should have known.  

Here she is playing at the second appointment I had.  It was a specialty clinic and wasn't very busy and they had a kids play area so Ella was loving it!

We played at the park with some new friends and Ella was having a hay day.  Boy does she love the slides.  She was pretty cute and said to a boy who was in her way, "scuse me"  (excuse me)  It was darling.  
Then after her nap that afternoon, Ella woke up with a fever.  It didn't seem too terrible at first and she slept through the night ok.  Then the next day after her nap she woke up on Fire.  And had a VERY high fever through the night and then it slowly went down the following day.  Of course, it was over the weekend and so we contemplated the ER if we couldn't get it to break.  But we kept a very close eye on her and let her body fight it off.  

This was the morning after we spent the night checking on her a lot.  Kyle took a nap in her room with her sound machine on.  She eventually found her way in there and laid down beside him.  I caught a picture through the monitor.  At one point he was completely covered with his blanket and she was literally lounging on top of him like a recliner with her book.

You can just tell she was feverish in the picture.  She found her paci and I let her keep it and play iPad for a while.  We kept a cool cloth on her.  The only place she would keep it was her tummy.  Poor thing. 

This was the next morning when she still had a fever but it wasn't super high.  She was in better spirits and was still just loving on her dada.  Such a sweet picture. 

And just one more of her being a goof feeding Kyle her water.  She thought it was funny.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ella and Me.

Well…I will say the title Ella and Me is fitting for the last 6+ weeks.  Kyle has a new job at work and it's keeping him super busy during the week and working LATE!  And then he's been out of town a few weekends in a row so Ella and me have been finding fun things to do to keep us busy while dada is busy.  

So if I haven't mentioned before one of the reasons I hate where we are right now is that there is NO Starbucks!  Not that I would really get it all that often because it is expensive but it's a treat that I really enjoy.  Well, we didn't get an actual Starbucks but a new hotel in town is serving their drinks.  They don't have much of a menu but it's still a Starbucks.  :)  Anyway, Ella and I went with a friend one morning.  It was actually really nice because they had private booths with tvs in each of them so if we wanted we could turn it on while my friend and I could have an adult conversation.  We just thought that was a nice feature.  They serve breakfast, too, so sometime we will go back and have breakfast as well.  Looking forward to it.  Everyone can be happy for me, this place is stepping up.  ;)

Ella giving kisses to her friend Hadley.  Kalee made the comment on my Instagram (@farahbateman) that ella was hoarding all the toys in her hand.  Haha, can't remember if I've said this on here before but my kid is a hoarder! (yikes…like me!)

Now, don't get me wrong there is a couple coffee shops in this place, and they are good, but it'd be nice to have a drive through Starbucks.  So, another morning, ella and I went searching for garage sales and stopped at the local coffee place for a sweet potato muffin and a coffee.  Those muffins are so yummy I couldn't get a picture fast enough…all that was left were crumbs.  We had a great date.

ella also needed a pouch, of course.

 This video was from that day.  She was being a goof ball and had also just discovered ketchup.  Sweet girl.