Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 Months

happy as can be--I'm pretty sure God blessed us with one of the happiest babies ever.  She is a little cheese!
signing more--I taught her how to say more when she wants more of things...basically food.  It's so cute how she puts her hands together when she is signing it.  **I want to post a video of the first time she did it but for some reason I can't figure out how to get my youtube videos to connect here....hopefully i can get it soon.
Picky Eater--well she's been a bit picky lately.  She used to eat anything I'd give her but now she definitely has an opinion.  She's also just not much of an eater...
Sleep=awful--that basically says it all.  Poor thing sleeps on an awful bed, in the room with us or in a new place all the time.  She has no normalcy.
Crawling Everywhere---she's definitely on the move.  It's not terrible but she is busy.
Favorite Food--She still loves mum mums and her fav pouch is purple carrot and berries.
Says, "mammma"--She actually said it for the first time....I have a video but once again, loading issues.
Favorite Toy: Books--she loves her books right now!

**keep in mind this is all from a month and a half ago....late posting...story of my life!  :)

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