Monday, July 29, 2013

11 Months

Sleeping Better....finally!--I feel like I go back in forth with this all the time...but she really is sleeping better again!
One Year Old!--We ask her how old she is and she'll stick her finger up and shake her hand.
Pulling UP--she's doing really well at pulling herself up and then she'll stand playing with toys for 5-20 minutes
Favorite Toy:  Stacking Cups--She Loves playing with all the different sizes of stacking cups.  She acts like she's sticking them in her mouth to drink out of them, bang them together, stack them, put pacis or other objects in them, etc.
Visited Florida--Ella went to Florida for the first time to visit her grandparents after Kyle finished in Texas.
Moved to Mississippi--It was a big month for her, we also officially moved to Mississippi.
Two more Teeth--she now has 4 teeth.  She got her top left k9 on July 6 and then the top left front tooth the next day.
Favorite Food:  Cheerios--She LOVES Cheerios.  She lights up when we shake the box and she signs more more more.  She will sit on my lap and eat them up for quite a while in the morning when she wakes up, it's adorable.

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