Friday, July 19, 2013

Videos Galore

So I got the videos to work....I have no idea how they just showed up.  I'm not complaining!  There are a ton I wanted to share but couldn't until now.  They go back to when she was probably 10 months.  

This is when she first learned to feed herself....yeah at like 9 1/2 months she finally decided to start picking food up on her own.  She is eating Mum Mums which continue to be her absolute favorite thing on this earth besides m.i.l.k., of course.  

At our TLF in Texas Kyle would bounce her on the bed like this and she would juuust laaaaugh!!!

This one she just made cute noises while laughing.  Adorable.

Ella and I would walk over to the BX A LOT while we were in TX.  It was just about a 5 minute walk and there was a Starbucks so obviously a must.  This was right after we came back from Nebraska, so about 9 1/2 months but we were walking in the BX and she started doing this crazy thing.  I mean, at first I thought something was wrong with her...but then she quit doing it and was totally fine, so I think she was just trying to express her happiness!  haha!  She did do it a couple more times over the week following but hasn't really done it since.  It's so funny...I died laughing, and was so excited to have caught in on video.  

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