Wednesday, December 5, 2012


My little sweetheart had her 4 month check up! The doctor was happy with everything. She is only 19% for weight at 12 and a half pounds and 23% for height at 24 inches. And her head size is 16.5 inches and in 36th percentile. She's little! But very healthy!

On the flip side she had to get her shots and that went okay. She cried when they were going in but then was ok for the time being. She took a good nap in the afternoon but after she woke up she didn't feel good. Poor sweetie. Every time I moved her she cried. I think her legs hurt where the shots were injected. So I held her and she just sat there, needing her momma. She also went to bed at 6:45...she was so tired.

On a side note the doctor asked me if I do her eyelashes the way they are...I laughed because I thought he was kidding. Turns out he wasn't and I said, No that's just the way they are. I couldn't believe he thought I curled them or something....who does that to a baby?!?! He couldn't get over her eyes and said they look like the girl from National Geographic which I had no clue what that meant. He said it was a girl that when you look at her all you see is her eyes popping! Apparently it is a pretty famous phot. I googled it later and do remember seeing it before... He just kept saying how beautiful they were. Obviously, I was flattered by the nice things he was saying. I must be too used to her's just my little Ella! ;) And my heart melts every time she looks at me with those big blue eyes!

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