Tuesday, March 5, 2013

7 Months

Once again, we are a little late on this post.  She's seven months!  A lot has changed for us this past month-we are now in Texas and loving everything except for our current living situation.  A one bedroom apt is not ideal but we are making the best of it since we get to go home to NE when Cousin Baby (my sister's baby) arrives.

I also don't have the white rug which I take all of Ella's pictures on...it's currently in a long term storage facility in California...so we found a couple cheap small rugs for E to play on and they are white too...so it works!  :)  I would hate to screw up my monthly picture taking of Ella!  haha!  But seriously.  :)  The lighting is another struggle but I seem to have made it work ok for the time being.  You'll have to hang in there with me until we get to Mississippi in July and can set up our house again!

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