Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nursery Inspiration

I have been collecting all sorts of ideas for little baby b's nursery. I have mostly just done online looking at other people's nurseries, blogs, and at store websites. I've got it all in my head of how I want it but now I need to actually put those ideas into action. Part of the problem before was the major lack of energy on my part but now that I'm feeling much better...I AM READY!!!!!

When I used to think about a baby nursery I didn't want it to scream baby at all. For example, no super pastel baby colors all over. I also didn't want to have a weird theme like jungle animals or butterflies, etc. After finding out we were expecting and not knowing yet she is a girl I knew I wanted to do a very neutral color and then a pop of color depending on the sex. So...since little baby b is a girl I'm doing white, gray, and light pink. No theme, just shabby chic adorable-ness! I can't wait to get all my ideas into that little nursery.

Right now the room is painted green because the owners had a baby boy in the room and of course Kyle thinks there is nothing wrong with green for our little baby girl's room...what is wrong with him?!?! So getting it painted is the top priority now but who knows when it will actually get done. :)

Here are some inspiration pics!

So simple but so chic!  I am in love with this crib but in white...will probably be buying it in the next few weeks.  I love the long pink curtains, chandelier, pink oversized bows, white glider, etc.
found here

I just like this for the colors...very fun also a cute idea for a daybed in a nursery, too.
found here

I really like the softness of the light pink and gray and, of course, the canopy crib
found here

I mostly just like this one for the canopy over the changing table.
found here

Last but certainly not favorite for what I really want to do in little baby b's nursery is this lovely girl nursery.  I am absolutely in love with the stripes...however, don't know if I'll go to the trouble of doing them in this house since we will most likely be moving within the year.  I am looking for fabric now to make a similar crib skirt and curtains.  Ahhh...I love it!  :)
found here

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