Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Trip #5

Little baby b got to ride in a limo for the first time!!! Yep, took the baby in a party limo to Napa to go wine tasting! :) Obviously, I didn't do any tastings but went along because it was one of our friends birthdays. Actually, to be very honest, I quite enjoyed myself.  Plus it was a BEAUTIFUL day.  All four wineries we went to I had never been to before so it was fun seeing the different wineries.

We went to:
Folie à Deux-they make the Ménage à Trois that you see in most stores
Beringer-very beautiful grounds
Andretti-the famous racing family
Jessup Cellars-don't remember any fun facts about this one but apparently they had a red that was amazing

Besides enjoying the time with friends my favorite part was finding a whole in the wall deli in St. Helena. I had thee best veggie sandwich there ever! Kyle even said it was amazing...he also said it wouldn't have been as good if it had meat on it... Coming from him, how crazy is that?!? I will be going back there again, for sure!

Here are a few pics from little baby b's limo ride to napa!

outside Andretti Winery

Our Limo!  :)

The group of us at Jessup Cellars.

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