Wednesday, November 28, 2012

4 Months

Smile Smile Smile-I'm pretty sure I may have one of the most smiley babies ever.  She loves to smile.  The best is when we are out and she smiles at me and then having strangers see her.  Makes me a proud momma. ;)  She just is such a happy baby (most of the time)!
Rolls over Front to Back-She has started to roll over but only from her tummy to her back.'s more of a flop over but I'll take it!  She mostly does that because she doesn't like being on her tummy as much (although, that is changing).
Belly Laughs-We can get her to laugh pretty easy, as you've seen in some of the video posts, but they're becoming deeper laughs...ya know, the ones from deep in the belly.  They're the best!
Sticks out Tongue-She's discovered how to stick out her tongue and she does it just about every time she smiles.  I think it's just a phase as she was finding her tongue because she hasn't been sticking it out as much this last week.
Love to Suck on Her Fingers-She likes her paci but since she found her fingers they tend to be more popular.  She also starts talking a lot while she sucks on them.  It is also a sign her teeth are slowly on there way in.
Has a Killer Grip-I have claw marks on my arms and chest to prove it.  I swear she sharpens them when I'm not looking!
Loves Her Play Gym-She used to hate it but now I can play with her on the mat for like an hour and she loves every second of it.  It also wears her out and she gets tired, which is great!
Talks to Mommy in the Car-Not all the time but she gets pretty talkative while we are driving around running errands.  Sometimes we sing songs in the car, too!  Poor thing, she has to listen to my awful singing.  ;)

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