Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Long Hiatus…once again.

Well…where to begin…let's just start with a list of what has happened since our break.
-we took a trip to Nebraska
-Made a first trip to Atlanta
-Had visitors
    -My mom and dad  
    -Adam, Kalee & Callan
    -Kyle's parents and sister
-Ella turned TWO!!!!
-Ella was potty trained
-Ella started dance class
-lots of playgroups and library events attended due to the ridiculous temperature in MS
-and much much more…I will expand later as I remember

Until then, here is one of Ella's two year pictures.  We taught her to hold up both pointers for 2 years old bc it was just an easier thing to do that the peace sign.  How cute is her expression, though?!

You can be looking forward to some more 2 year pictures of her, a post on her birthday party, some of our visits from family, pictures from playing with her buddies, some updates on her learning, possibly a post on potty training, some crafts I've been working on, etc.  I'll be *trying* my hardest to keep posting.  I want to get back at it for Ella to have when she's older.  That's my encouragement to stay focused!  :)

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