Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cousins Galore

My sister and her family came to visit us down in Mississippi over labor day weekend.  With two toddlers and one who still naps twice a day we didn't really get to do too much.  However, we did make a trip to see the Alabama campus and went to see the Mississippi State campus as well.  In Starkville they have a wonderful bagel shop so we made sure to stop there for some bagels as well.  We had a great time just hanging out....the adults had most fun once the kids were in bed!  ;)  But Callan and Ella had a blast together.  We just love watching them play together.

I was 11/12 weeks along while they were visiting and because I was feeling awful and hadn't had an initial doctors appointment we decided to keep it a secret until I had my appointment the Tuesday before they left.  Anyway, they watched Ella while Kyle and I went to a squadron event doctors appointment.  Turns out everything with the pregnancy looked great and I was officially 12 weeks 2 days at that point so on the way home from the appointment I texted mom a picture of the ultrasound.  She of course immediately called and scolded me a little for waiting so long to tell her.  :)  Then, when we got home we of course lied about how the squadron event was fine and uneventful.  But I immediately went and got the Big Sister book I had bought for Ella and told her to go show Aunt Kiki her new book.  Ella still at this point was pretty clueless (well, let's face it, she still is) about being a big sister but you have to start somewhere.  I was kind of around the corner when Ella gave Kalee the book and it took her a second but she peeked her head around the corner with this look on her face that I knew meant something.  I said, "you too?!"  She shook her head yes and that's how we found out we'd be having cousins galore!  
Kalee and I went outside to talk away from the kids and the men real quick to give each other the down low.  They had only found out shortly before they had left to come down that they were expecting so she was about 5 weeks along and then I told her I was 12 weeks.  

We had a day and a half to discuss our thoughts and worries on having another child.  But we were so happy that these kids are close together in age.  I mean, how blessed are we that the kids will grow up together?!  Yes, they may be far away from each other but they'll be close.  Such an exciting time in both of our lives!  

Here are a few pictures from their trip here.

I was able to take a few family photos for them while they visited.

This was the email we sent out to our family, letting them know both Kalee and I were expecting.

Right outside the University of Alabama football stadium.

This was at the student union on the Alabama campus.  Very nice union.

We stopped and got popsicles at a local popsicle shop. The kids loved it.

Callan had to squat like his dad in order to take a bite.

Ella tuckered out after so much fun in Tuscaloosa.

this was suppose to be of Callan, but that's Kalee holding Thomas for Callan to watch since he wasn't napping.

This was the ultrasound picture I sent mom.  Little baby b #2's first photo!

Callan playing in the teepee I made for Ella.

Just thought I'd show you the goodness you're missing out on at the bagel place.  Yes, that's egg and sausage with scallion cream cheese...tastes like heaven.

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