Sunday, July 8, 2012

Craft Project

Headband holder!

So, once again, Pinterest gave me an idea of how to hold all of little baby b's headbands.  It is the simplest thing ever!  Basically, all we (Whitney and I) did was spray paint an oats container pink and then we hot glued it onto a candle stick holder.  We weren't sure where we were going to find that at.  Initially, we were going to try the thrifts store and see if we could find something that would work or that we could just spray paint.  That day, Whitney and I went to get a chair at IKEA and we were walking through the decorating/candle section and BAAM...there was a silver candle holder for $6!  It was as simple as that!  This project was becoming easier and easier!  So, all we did was put a few headbands around the outside and then you can fill the container with as many as will fit!  Genius!  :)

Sorry...the pics are from my iPHONE 3G, which stinks, but you get the picture!  :)

Cute, huh?!

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