Friday, July 13, 2012

38 Weeks

don't you love the give or take 13oz!  haha

How far along?  38 weeks
Total weight gain:  +26 lbs 
Maternity clothes? Tight shirts to show off my bump and yoga pants.  I show up to the ATU and everyone says…Oh, the cute one is here!  Makes me feel good but I only wish I felt cute!  I never bought maternity dresses so most of my dresses are not long enough to go over the bump anymore.  She grew a lot this past 3 weeks.  T-shirts that I wear are getting too short…oh boy, she better come soon or else I don’t know what I’ll wear!  :)  Definitely NOT going to buy more clothes right now. 
Sleep:  awful!
Stretch marks?  Lathering on the Mustela Stretch Cream!  I’m seeing a few small lines hoping they don’t get worse.  Let’s get this baby out of here!
Miss anything?  Everything that doesn’t go with being pregnant…can you tell I’m ready to be done?!
Movement:  I think she’s busy packing her suitcases for her arrival…notice I put suitcases…if she’s anything like me there will be multiple! 
Food Cravings: PEACHES and MANGOS!  Yummy!
Anything making you sick or queasy:  waking up in the morning I’ve been feeling a bit nauseous again…weird
Gender:  my sweet precious baby girl!
Labor signs:  still a few contractions…nothing too terrible though.  Doctor said I’m 2cm dilated! 
Symptoms: Let’s make a list…
         -swelling in legs, ankles, feet, face and hands
         -numbness in 4 fingers
         -carpal tunnel
         -high blood pressure
         -unfortunately saw some black spots this week
         -I'm sure there are more...pregnancy brain has me this morning
Belly Button in or out?  IN
Wedding rings on or off?  On but are slightly TIGHT when I’m swollen
Mood: HAPPY but nervous 
Excitement this week: relaxing!
Looking forward to:  Delivery day!  It’s looking like Monday we will be going in for induction! 
Also, CAN NOT wait for my mom and dad to get here!
On the agenda:  enjoy the last few days with it just being Kyle and me.  Also, finish up a few last minute things like cleaning, etc.  

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