Friday, August 31, 2012

Trip to Coast

We took Ella to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time!  Also, her first real road trip...and she was great!  We packed a picnic and took the scenic route through NAPA which took quite a bit longer and I'm pretty sure she would have slept the whole time but we stopped in Santa Rosa to feed her and then kept going.  Of course, it was 90 degrees in Vacaville that day but once we got to the coast it was 70-75 degrees and cloudy.  BUT...we knew that and were prepared.  It really wasn't as cold as it looks but we bundled her up just in case.  

Ella still sleeping in her carseat.

She wasn't happy the whole time...but look how cute her little cry face is!

The spot where we stopped.

Some sort of bird trying to take our food.

My handsome hubby holding little E.

She was passed out for most of her coastal experience.  :)

Kyle eating at the picnic table.

Pelicans flying by.

Kyle and Ella again.

And again.

ugh...she's so cute!

Ella gets lots of kisses from Daddy.

Ella and me this time.

Rock formation.

This was part of the 'not happy' moment she had.

Momma and Ella

She also got to see her first surfers!  She was impressed.  :)

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