Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Visits

Kyle and I were so blessed to have most of our family come and visit for the first month of Ella's life.  My parents were here for the first two weeks.  This was the biggest blessing of all because of the trouble I had that week and a half after labor.  My parents went grocery shopping, made food, cleaned, worked on projects I couldn't do (thanks dad), loved on Ella, and much much more.  

My sister (Aunt Kiki) overlapped the last week my mom was here and stayed the following week as well.  Uncle Shea-bay and Uncle Adam were not able to come out to see Ella but we have been FaceTiming a lot with them.  Not only was Kalee a big help, too, but we had some fun girl talk and watched tons of Olympics.  Aunt Kiki was also here for some of Kyle's first mission while I was on my own so that was very nice as well.  

Then after an emotional goodbye I was on my own for about 3 days and then Kyle got home and his sister visited for a long weekend.  The same day she left Kyle's parents were able to come for a week.  Sharon basically did all the cooking for us, lots of holding Ella so I could take naps (which was AMAZING) and Keith worked on our yard work and other odd and end jobs.  Unfortunately, Uncle JJ (Joel) was suppose to come up from Southern California but last minute was unable to.  We were very sad but are looking forward to another visit soon.

Basically, we just want to say THANK YOU to our absolutely wonderfully AMAZING families for all the help!  WE LOVE YOU!

Grandpa and Grammy Wink with their first grandbaby.  

Grammy is the best burper in Ella's opinion.

First time Aunt Kiki laid eyes on her niece.

So precious.

The 4 girls.  

Grandpa and Grandma Bateman.

Ella loves her Aunt Laura.

and agian.

the first time Grandma Sharon got to hold Ella.

Ella smiles at Grandma Sharon all the time.

Grandpa Bateman singing songs to Ella.

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