Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kinsey's Visit

While I titled this Kinsey's's mostly pictures of Ella!  :)  Kinsey came out for a week and we had tons of fun together.  It makes us wish we lived closer so we could see each other much more often!  We actually did quite a few things while she was here.  We went to Walnut Creek and went shopping and ate some yummy Mediterranean food and some really good bundt cake from "Nothing Bundt Cakes".  I highly recommend the place.  There is one in Omaha!  We also did some shopping at the outlets, where Kinsey got the cutest Coach purse ever!...I am so jealous!  :)  We went to Napa and also went to a local winery near my house.  Both places we just sat outside and enjoyed some wine/bubbly and just know, like girls do!  Thanks for coming out, Kinsey!  Ella and I had so so so much fun with you...can't wait for the next trip.  Ella keeps asking when Aunt Kinsey is coming back to play!      

My little Ella

love making her smile!

big eyes!

Ella and Aunt Kinsey at Gotts for hamburgers and fries in wine country.

cheek kisses!

Aunt Kinsey and Ella

if you look close--you can kinda see she is scrunching her little nose

so precious...(besides my awkward neck rolls)

me and my sweet baby girl

another with Aunt Kinsey

this one cracks me up....also crazy that the camera actually caught it.  She made this face for like half a second but I busted laughing as soon as I saw was hilarious!

at Domaine Chandon...we got some was yummy

Kinsey being funny!


doesn't she look so pretty in that pink?!?!?!

the grapes

the rows of vines

we joked that this looks like a senior picture but I think it's a great shot!

We were able to see lots of grapes...they hadn't harvested them yet!

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