Sunday, April 14, 2013

8 Months

And yes, we are almost a month behind but we've been busy snuggling up with our new nephew/cousin Callan.   Here are 8 month pictures!

No More Swaddle-Ella is no longer sleeping in her swaddle.  I was worried it would be a hard transition for her but it was pretty easy.  She just found out she likes to move a lot during the night.  She is also preferring to sleep on her side.  It's pretty cute.
Favorite toy-Sit to Stand Toy--This is the toy El got from Grandpa and Gram Gram for Christmas.  She sits up to it and just plays away.  She has also learned she is strong because she can pull it on top of her self if she is pulling too hard.  :)
Kisses Galore--We have a kisser!  She just is such a lover-she gives us wide-open mouth slobbery wet kisses all the time!
Sleeping through the Night--We had a couple nights of crying it out (which only really ended up being maybe 30 minutes total of crying) so she will sleep through the night.  She now is sleeping through until about 5 or 6am and then I feed her.  She usually goes back to sleep until about 7:30 or 8.
Loving Texas--Ella and I are becoming quite fond of Texas.  We like to go out on little adventures everyday whether it be a local coffee shop, the park,  or do a little shopping.  We are really enjoying it.
Finally Rolling (all the way) Over--She did it!  We got to Grandpa and Gram Gram's and put her on their huge living room floor covered in carpet and within a day or two of being there she was 'on the roll'!
Is a Big Cousin--Has a new baby boy cousin, Callan Emerson Stahr.
She Says, "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba..."--will post video

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