Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Missing Daddy

Ella has been missing her daddy while we have been back in NE.  It will have been a total of 5 weeks that we have been gone by the time we go back.  We get to FaceTime with him at least once a day if not more.  Thank you technology advancements!  Every morning when we wake up we talk about daddy and all the fun things we do with him.  So today Ella and I were talking about what we would do with dada when we get back and we kept thinking about the day we went to the playground behind where we live in TX.     

Ella, actually, wasn't really interested in the swings to be completely honest.  She could have cared less.  

Can't beat kisses from daddy.

Since she wasn't in love with the swings we tried the slide....wasn't really impressed with that either.  haha

So, for some reason this video is sideways.  No clue how to fix it.  Just Ella laughing at her funny daddy!

Kyle helping E slide down the couch.  She was learning to push off a bit as you can tell in the video.  This slide she does like.  :)

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