Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ella's sleep time

I posted these videos because my daughter has a pattern of playing in her crib for hours before falling asleep.  It started just for 30-40 minutes but now from time to time ends up being a couple hours.  She never cries she just laughs and talks and kicks her legs….take a look…you'll get the picture.  

The first video is of Ella reacting to me telling her to lay down.  Every time I say, "Ella, lay down." through the monitor she immediately lays down.  She doesn't always stay down but usually she falls asleep after it.  It's just one of the things she does that I'll never forget.  She really is a pretty good listener so far.  I know….I've got lots of years ahead of me.  haha.   She has been doing both of these things for a few months now.  It probably started around when she was 14 months.   

Enjoy the videos.  

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