Monday, January 6, 2014

Ella turns 1!!!

Yes, it's been almost six months since she turned one but here are a bunch of pictures from her birthday.  We've had a lot go on in the last six months but things are finally getting back to normal with our move and daddy being home for hopefully a long time now.

The day of her birthday was a very special day.  It was also a little hard for me as we were in temporary living on base with none of our things and none of our family and none of our friends.  I had always hoped to throw a 1st birthday party for her….you know me and my party planning ideas.  The two of us (me and ella) went shopping and had lunch.  Then we waited for dada to get home from flying.  We had a donut cake for her…she had a couple bites and decided she like it pretty well.  :)  We were able to Skype/FaceTime both sets of grandparents in to watch and sing Happy Birthday to her.

Ella got a red swing from her Grandpa and Grandma Bateman.  A pull-a-long green frog and a water and sand play table from Grandpa and Gram Gram Wink.  Needless to say, in the summers heat down in MS the swing and water play table are great for her.  Kyle and I got her a pink car to ride in on walks…which we do at least once EVERY DAY!

Happy Birthday Ella!  She was so cute that morning when I got her up.

We taught her to hold up her finger…1 year old!

I made her onesie and her headband.  If I had thrown a party it would have been pinks and gold.  

Her donut cake.

She was happy.

Wasn't so sure about the fire.

She watched daddy blow them out.

She also got a little people house.

Her in the antique highchair.

the pink car.

The water table.

The swing.
I travelled home to NE for my best friends wedding.  Which Ella was apart of too…flower girl, of course.  We had a cake at home.   Again, a small version of the one I wanted to make for her bday party.  It was cute!

The first touch of the cake.   She was quiet but didn't really hesitate, too much.

The first lick.  It was pretty cute.  She liked it.  

I think we were all clapping and telling her she could have "more".


The smash cake.

Happy Birthday our sweet Ella.  We love you so so much and can't imagine our lives without you.  You bring so much joy to us each and every day.  We couldn't have been more blessed the day you were born.  You are truly a gift from God.  We love you forever sweet sweet girl.   -mama & dada 

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