Tuesday, January 7, 2014

12 Months

12 Months!

Now at 12 months…this was the best picture I could get of her next to her chalkboard.  I was pretty bummed I couldn't get a shot with her legs stretched out like she's done in almost all the other monthly pics.  I think at 18 months I'll have her stand next to it….we'll see.  

She is around 18 pounds and the peds office here didn't give me her height and I forgot to ask.  I want to say like 26"...

Taking steps while holding hands--She is taking a few steps here and there while holding hands but I think we are still a ways from walking….we'll see.  Maybe she'll just take off….who knows!?
Favorite Toy:  Pink Car--She loves riding in the pink car we got her for her bday.  While we are in temporary living and have nothing to do…we go on LONG walks twice a day.  She loves it and usually gets a few people to wave at her.  
Says 1 year old--Well, really she just holds her pointer finger up when we say, "how old are you, ella?…1 year old!"  
Loves to read books--We read books on and off all day long.  
Loves playing with mama's makeup bag--This kept her busy for many mornings and afternoon while we were in temporary living.  I didn't want her crawling around too much over the nasty floors while I was getting myself ready so I gave her my bag to play with.  She loves it.  She also loves trying to "put on makeup"  She really has no idea…just trying to be like mama.  
sleeps so much better--ever since we got to MS she has been sleeping much better through the night.  Not perfect, not great, but way better.  That mattress for the pack n play was a sleep-saver!  She's getting up about once a night.  I can usually just go in and hold her for a minute and then she's fine.  
Loves the Pool--Ella is finding herself loving the water…especially when she has a great dad to play with her in it.  She also loves bath time.  After moving into our house Aug. 1 she will really love it.  We  have a HUGE master bath and she'll have tons of room to play.  At the TLF's I wouldn't dare put her in the tub.  I bathe her in a big bucket like thing in the sink.  Hard to explain.  
Favorite Food-- She loves CHEERIOS!  

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