Wednesday, February 15, 2012

boy or girl?!

It's a precious baby GIRL!  Kyle and I couldn't be happier to be having a girl for our first child.  We were able to go to A LITTLE INSIGHT which is a 3D/4D ultrasound place.  It was very nice laying on a bed with a big flat screen TV watching your little one.  Her heartbeat was a very strong 164.  She was busy moving around like crazy.  It was so surreal to be able to watch her on the screen because the last time we saw her she was only 6 weeks and all we could really see was a heartbeat.  She grew A LOT!  :) 

She was very stubborn at first and didn't want to show us if she had boy parts or girl parts.  It took me walking up and down a couple flights of stairs twice and a cold water treatment for her to finally cave and show us she was a GIRL.  Her umbilical cord was actually between her legs which is what made it hard to see but on the third try the cord moved away from her body and we were able to tell she was a GIRL!   I will post a couple ultrasound pictures later this week.  

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