Tuesday, December 2, 2014

25 Weeks

25 Weeks

How far along?  25 weeks
Total weight gain:  +4ish pounds..probably much more after Thanksgiving!  ;)
Maternity clothes? some!
Sleep:  a little better this week as there was lots of activity from Thanksgiving.  
Miss anything?  a cup or two of caffeinated coffee in the morning.  I mean, I do drink a little caffeine every day but I try to just have decaf coffee when I drink it.  
Movement:  oh yes.  This week I had a few kicks that actually made me jump a bit.  It could have been just how I was sitting, can't remember, but there were a couple stronger ones for sure!
Food Cravings:  Same...everything from home.  In Florida, we went to an Indian restaurant that is so so good and had some Tikka Masala...yum!  Then we also had some cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory which is obviously always good, too.  May have to make another cheesecake sometime soon or for the holiday!
Anything making you sick or queasy:  not really.  I've actually felt pretty good this week as far as the sick/queasy-ness.  A few times during the night at Kyle's parents I thought I was going to have to make a run for the bathroom but was able to keep it down.
Gender:  GIRL!!   
Labor signs:  no!
Symptoms: Lots of straining in my stomach this past week which was really uncomfortable while on vacation.  I don't know if it was from riding in the car, holding Ell too much, tummy growing, or all the above.  
Belly Button in or out?  in
Wedding rings on or off?  on
Ella:  I can't really think of anything from this week related to baby sister.  She took really good care of her baby while we were at Kyle's parents house.  She would swaddle baby and then throw put baby in the crib for a nap and then strap her in Ella's stroller for a walk.  She was really loving to baby this week.  Hope that means it's how she'll be with baby sister....
Mood: pretty good considering we drove for 24 hours in the car to and from FL...   :D 
Excitement this week:  Because I can't think of anything else that is super exciting this week besides, ya know, laundry and cleaning house....On Sunday, Kyle's squadron is doing family pictures with the T-6 so I'm anxious to do that.  Just hope they turn out.  We never got pictures with the C-5....which is super depressing so looking forward to this a lot!
Looking forward to:  Now that Thanksgiving is over I am very much looking forward to Christmas!  Woo!  And meeting sweet baby girl #2.  xo

**My photos turned out a bit blurry....sorry...too lazy to take more and I shouldn't have worn black.  

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