Tuesday, December 23, 2014

28 Weeks

28 Weeks

How far along?  28 weeks 
Total weight gain:  +8 total...but I feel like more now just bc I have popped out a lot in the past week and feel huge.  ;)
Maternity clothes? oh yes, but I still wear my jeans with a rubber band so they aren't as tight on my tummy, and other looser fitting tops  
Sleep:  on and off this week--couple nights of insomnia  
Miss anything?  having a normal taste in my mouth...my sister can relate.  I also can't wait to love water again.  I've had a terrible time with the drinking water because of said taste in mouth.  I do an okay job at this point and I'm sure as I get further along my craving for water will intensify and it'll be easier to get it down.
Movement:  she might be a dancer like Ella.
Food Cravings:  same as before....but this week, actually tomorrow, my wishes will come true!  I don't even know where I'll go first!
Anything making you sick or queasy:  still doing pretty good in this department.  
Gender:  GIRL
Labor signs:  nope!
Symptoms: the heartburn is starting to kick in a little bit.  Tums are my friend every other night or so
Belly Button in or out?  in
Wedding rings on or off?  on
Ella:  Is ready to give the baby a cup of milk when the baby cries.  For some reason she learned that when babies cry they need a cup of milk.  Good plan, really.
Mood: Amazing...we are going home today!!
Excitement this week:  Watching Ella open Christmas gifts and interacting with my family!
Looking forward to:  GETTING HOME!  Instant transport would be very nice at this stage but driving will have to do.

 had to take quick pictures this week as I was preparing for Christmas and watching a friends little girl as she went into labor the night before we left to go home.  So, I didn't get as many photos as normal.

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