Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby trip #2

Our second trip was to Bradenton, Florida for Christmas 2011.  Kyle actually got Christmas leave this year and it was his families year so we flew to Florida.  Four 3+hour flights were no fun for this pregnant girl though. :)
I felt pretty good for the trip down there.  The nurse told me vacations usually make you feel better if you've been sick.  She was right, I felt better than I had and definitely better there then when we got back.

While we were there we got to tell the Bateman's about the baby, see manatees, go to the beach, watch the sun set, visit the Ringling Circus Museum, and Kyle went gator hunting.  He was warned before he left that he DID have a child on the way and that I didn't want to have a fatherless baby!  We had a great time and here are a few pics:


kyle and me where the manatees hang out-they like it there because the power plant makes the water really warm

sunset at the beach

gators that Kyle was WAY too close to

Sharon, Laura, and me

had to take a pic of the poinsettias for Gma Winkler

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