Friday, January 13, 2012

the first month

Well Month 1 was actually pretty fabulous...I was alone most of it because of course Kyle was gone but I felt great!  I was already starting the nesting process.  Having just quit my job working retail I was getting rid of clothes I didn't wear or won't ever wear again....and for those of you who don't know me I'm a keeper of everything.  Notice I didn't use the word hoarder because I'm horrified of how close I am to becoming one.  haha...not lately though, I've taken 2 car loads to goodwill this month...and I mean 2 full to the brim car loads.  I must felt good, real good!  Like I said before...let the nesting begin!

How far along?  1 month
Total weight gain:  0
Maternity clothes? Nope
Sleep:  A ton—sleeping all the time
Movement? none
Food Cravings?  None really
Gender:  not even a guess
Symptoms:  mostly just tired otherwise feeling fabulous!
Mood:  pretty happy all the time

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