Tuesday, February 3, 2015

34 Weeks

34 Weeks

How far along?  34 weeks 
Total weight gain:  14+ pounds
Maternity clothes? ugh...I like wearing skirts and dresses during the summer months.  I also like being able to throw on a hoodie and totally veg out but I think I may like summer pregnancy better.  At least in California....here with the humidity may be a different story.  Either way...I'm over dressing the bump.
Sleep:  blah
Miss anything?  just normal activity.
Movement:  lots of it...she's going to be a dancer like her big sister, Ella
Food Cravings:  Oranges and blueberries...also made some smoothies this week that were really good.  My friend made a peanut butter cheeseball for our superbowl party and it was also amazing.
Anything making you sick or queasy:  not really 
Gender:  Girl - Still no name
Labor signs:  none
Symptoms: I was just thinking of some of the silly things that happened with Ella...I had those burn marks on my fingers for weeks and high blood pressure and a couple other random things...but this time I haven't had as many weird things.  I do have more broken blood vessels on my hands and then one on my chest since I've been pregnant but not really anything else weird that I can think of.
Belly Button in or out?  in...It's definitely in, but it's getting pushed and the parts that are normally not exposed are really sensitive lately.  If I brush up against something or if a little girl randomly puts her finger on mama's belly button--it HURTS!
Wedding rings on or off?  on
Ella:  get ready!....is in a BIG GIRL BED!!!!!!  Pictures to come.  But she is the cutest thing.  When we switched her over Saturday night I HAD to call my mom so she could see how excited Ell was about it.  She was going nuts!  It was so adorable.  After rolling around for an hour and a half or so she went to sleep and slept all night long in her bed and waited for me to come get her in the morning.  The second night she had a late night because people were over for the Superbowl and she woke up once and was standing at the end of the bed crying...I don't think she fell out..but am not sure...so I held her for a few minutes and then she got back in bed until morning.  Her naps have been going just fine, too.  She is such a big girl!
Mood: good!  
Excitement this week:  My lovely friends will be hosting a shower for me this week!  Totally unexpected but am definitely excited to get together with the girls.
Looking forward to:  working out normally, a glass of red wine...and meeting BABY SISTER!

Also...don't mind my chalkboard...I was too lazy to wait until it dried to take pictures!  :)  

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