Sunday, April 22, 2012

26 Weeks

Update:  My appointment went well this week.  My blood pressure is still high, but the second reading they did before I left the office had dropped a ton!  Good news is I don’t have to go on meds unless my blood pressure is consistently 160s over 110s and I’ve never even had a reading that high so that’s good!  I will still have to go through all the precautionary tests—which I’m totally okay with!  And my chart officially changed colors from regular to high risk so I’ll be seeing different docs than I have been.  My doctor also told me to eat more protein (which is hard for me to do in the first place, but I’ve found some yummy alternatives like nutty trail mix from Trader Joe’s) go on walks everyday, and meditate (kinda makes me laugh) so for me, I’ll just be doing some very relaxing activities, like a little yoga, stretching, or reading scripture.  No stressing...eek..hard to do!  :)  Oh and all my blood work, urine test, and glucose tests came back either good or negative so I was trilled about that!!  The only bad news is she said I will probably have to do a couple more 24 hour urine tests…..NOOOO!  :)

How far along?  26 weeks
Total weight gain:  +12 pounds! 
Maternity clothes? Loving dresses (will be living in them from here on out I’m pretty sure) and leggings with longer tops
Sleep:  not sleeping…
Stretch marks?  No…but feeling the tummy stretch is scaring me! 
Miss anything?  SLEEP…not even good sleep, just sleep!    
Movement:  Oh my, YES! She’s all over the place!  Not only is she a little soccer star but I think we have a gymnast in our midst.
    At my appointment this week…the nurse was trying to find the baby’s heartbeat and every time she thought she had found it little baby b would kick real hard and she’d have to find it again!  The nurse said she’d never been kicked so many times trying to find the heartbeat.  I just laughed. 
Food Cravings: fruit, sweets, and Mac & Cheese from Noodles!
         Guy checking me out at Sam’s said,”What, are you making tons of Jamba Juice’s or something?  (my cart had a huge carton of strawberries, a huge carton of blueberries, a huge carton of green grapes, and a huge carton of raspberries)  I said, “yep, pretty much!”
Anything making you sick or queasy:  actually…no
Gender:  GIRL
Labor signs:  no
Symptoms: sneezing A LOT, again…weird  Also, had a couple mini emotional breakdowns this week...I think just due to all the info I've been getting, lack of sleep, and Kyle leaving on a trip because I've been so spoiled having him home basically since the beginning of December.  
Belly Button in or out?  in
Wedding rings on or off?  on
Mood: happy happy happy  
Excitement this week: WE GOT THE CRIB!   Unfortunately, it’s still in the box in my entryway
1. Because we need to paint the room first and
2. Because Kyle left on a trip and I can’t move it. 
Looking forward to:  more projects, working on the nursery, the shower my amazing friends have planned for me, and of course meeting little baby b

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