Thursday, April 19, 2012 is amazing!

Well, after talking with a few moms I know out here I have come to the conclusion that is absolutely my new favorite thing.  Did you know you can have a baby registry on, you can and it's amazing!  Seriously, everything is cheaper and sometimes way cheaper on amazon.  There are a few exceptions but if you hold out a day or two chances are the price will drop and be lower than at a walk-in store.  The only major downside to it is if you are having a shower...and people wait until last minutes...they can't run to the store to pick something up on the way to the shower...I must admit, I am guilty of that countless times.  :)  But if you plan ahead, it is easy and saves you lots of dollars!  Another neat feature about Amazon baby registry is that if you buy an item off a registry somewhere else the person can mark that it has been bought on the Amazon cool!
One of my friends told me they also have an AmazonMom which is great.  It includes AmazonPrime which you can try for free for 3 months...which means free shipping on pretty much everything.  Also, most if not all the baby items are free returns for 365 days....AMAZING!  I believe it also includes their Subscribe and Save program which is, again, great because you can have items such as diapers, food, wet wipes, etc. delivered every month automatically to your doorstep.  And since you have AmazonPrime...shipping is FREE!  How great!

Here is the link to my registry:  click me :)

I am also registered at BuyBuyBaby....(not to be confused with byebyebaby)...haha:  click me :)

Now, there is something to be said for going into a store and using the fun little scanner to register for things so I did that, too, at BuyBuyBaby.  For those of you back home in NE where I don't believe they have's part of Bed Bath and Beyond.   So basically you walk in and it looks just like Bed Bath and Beyond but is ALL BABY.  I really like BuyBuyBaby as well.  In my opinion, much better than Babies R US.  You can also use the 20% coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond at BuyBuyBaby!

Success story... On Amazon there was a humidifier that was $44.99 that we registered for and on BuyBuyBaby it was $49.99.  One night I was adding to the registry on Amazon and noticed the price on the humidifier went down to $27.99 and you better believe I swiped that!  :)  The next morning it had gone back up to I think $43, so I saved about $15.

Just thought I'd share my excitement for with everyone!  :)

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