Monday, April 14, 2014

18 Months

Ella turned 18 Months on January 16.  A year and a half…wow!  Time flies.  

  • BABY
  • Playing outside and swinging
  • wearing shoes
  • reading book after book after book after book after book after book after book
  • blueberries
  • minion shaped grahm crackers 
  • airplanes she hears in the sky
  • getting her hair washed
  • going inside
  • cows milk
Ella was 22 pounds and 32 inches (a whopping 2 1/2 inches taller than at her 15 month appt.) at her check up and healthy as can be.  She still hates shots and doctor and nurses getting too close but other than that, she's good!  

Ell walks and trots with her hair swinging back and forth all over the house.  She is really a very good baby.  She knows her boundaries and listens to me pretty well so far.  Not saying she doesn't ever get into things she's not suppose to, like the cupboards with heavy cans in them or under the sink when I leave the lock off for like .2 seconds.
I call Ella my little wanderer.  She isn't afraid to wander a little bit--like in our huge back yard or at the park.  She doesn't feel the need to be right by my side.    

Her favorite toy is definitely BABY and the stroller it came with.  She pushes baby around ALL DAY LONG!  She's the first thing Ell wants in the morning when she wakes up.  She says, "ooohhhh baybeeeeeeee!" She just gets so happy to see baby.  I don't let her sleep with it but she doesn't ask for it either.  We had a couple nights where she was just needing to hold baby so I let her keep it for a bit but then realized I didn't want her playing with it ALL night long so we just leave baby to go to bed with the rest of the toys.  It works for now.  :)

She knows most normal animal noises which includes a fox(video to come soon).  She also randomly knows what an aardvark and yak are because she has a toy with them on it.  haha  

Here are some 18 month pics of little miss smooches.  I am LOVING some her expressions.  They are priceless.

What I love about this photo:  The curve of her little precious hand rubbing her eye
               The shape of the one eye open
              Her mouth as she rubs her eye
              The random cup handle..haha
I sort of wish she was looking at the camera but I LOVE her expression here.

she was trying to climb to the front of the chair.

Here she was reaching for whatever I was dangling above the lens to get her to look my direction.

My sweet girl.

Here's a couple I got of ella and Kyle that same day.  Just some sweet shots.

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