Friday, April 25, 2014

Ring Ding Ding

Ella got a new stuffed animal for Easter.  I believe it is a cat but I told her it's a fox….kinda looks like a fox, too.  I think, anyway.   Anyway, she LOVES her ring ding ding.   Which is what a fox says….duh!  We showed Ella the Youtube video when it was super popular and then for Christmas my mom got the kids book (yes, they made a book about it) and she loves reading it.  Well, since she knows all the animal sounds, she joins right in and reads along!  It's so cute.  

Here's the video!  She does it even better now.  This was back at the beginning of February….she was 18 months here.  Sorry the video is really grainy.  We took it on Kyle's phone and I can't get it any clearer.  For bird she doesn't really say it, she signs it.  She also signs a mouse by putting her fingers up by her mouth.  She has always done that.

For a lot of animals she will say the sound rather than the name of the animal and that is the case for the fox.  She says ding ding ding or ring ding ding ding.  It's so funny.

So here she is reading to her ring ding ding.  She's only had this thing for a few days and she loves it!

And here she is after we all woke up the other morning.  Kyle didn't have to be to work until later so he got her up and brought her in to our room and she cuddled me and her ring ding ding.   Of course, he had to take this picture of me half asleep but I had to post it because it's a special photo of us.


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