Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter at our House

Our Easter Sunday was a pretty normal Sunday for us.  We went to church which I will add Ella has been going to nursery for the last couple months and done great.  The first time I dropped her off she cried.  At our church you basically just pass your child off through a window…it's nice because of safety reasons but it was hard for Ella the first time because the poor girl had no idea what was going on.  As for me, I knew shed be fine, but I won't lie once I got back to my seat there were tears.  It's just hard to leave her when there are tears.  Like I said, I knew she'd do great…which she did and she loves playing with the toyyyys!  This week though, there was a man that was in the nursery…very nice and friendly but that was a little startling for her as well.  She cried again as I dropped her off but was fine after probably 2.5 seconds.  
She also goes to nursery once a week while I attend a women's Bible study.  The ladies there just love Ella.  After the first week of that they told me she just played and played and played and played, etc.  They said she didn't even say a word because she was too busy playing.  The very best part of it all, at both places…is when we pick her up, she is lined up looking up at the window waiting for us to get her…she shouts, "MAMA!" when she sees me peek in!  Then the whole way to the car she holds me tight and says Toyyys.  
Here's a few pics of my little sweets on Easter.

Little Bunny Foo Foo….that's how I taught her a bunny, I held up two fingers like bunny ears and said little bunny foo-foo.  That's how she signs for bunny.
This was the only pic of the three of us we got.  Terrible, I know.

She was smelling the flowers.  Kinda looks like she's trying to smooch them at the same time, goof!

This dress was the one that Lillias and Bea got her for my shower.  You can see it in this post.  Thanks again girls!

Here's Ell's Easter basket.  She kinda hit the mother load for Easter.  Only because we hadn't gotten her anything for the other holidays and I just had gathered a few things over the last few months.

She was so excited waiting for dada to open the blocks!

Sweet girl figuring out how they work.

We had to play outside after church.  She always goes and sits on my raised beds.  We are starting to sprout!  And you can sort of see in the back bed I have a mint take over going on back there.  They were actually from the previous people living here.  She accidentally composted the mint soil with the rest.  Oops.  We like mint, just don't need 50 pounds of it!  haha

I made the famous sugar cookies to take over to our friends house for brunch.  They were a hit, as usual.  Why are they so good?!

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