Monday, April 28, 2014

Some of our Life

I was looking through my photos on my phone and wanted to share a few from the past 2 weeks.  Ella is 21 Months in all of these.  (I'm trying to do a better job with her age when posting so I can remember better later on.  :)

I took this photo on my phone a few weeks ago and when I look at it-I swear she looks like she's twelve.  What the heck?!  :)   She was just sitting in her room, in a random spot reading her books.  She LOVES books.  

This was ella's first official boo-boo.  She was, I think, climbing on an outdoor chair and tumbled over onto the cement.  She was pretty upset.  We had to listen to her favorite song for her to finally stop hyperventilating.  I thought maybe she chipped her teeth at first but that was an initial mama freak out thought.  I didn't even look until she had calmed down and was running around again.  There was quite a bit of blood, you can tell by my shirt, but it turned out she bumped her mouth and her teeth just cut through her lip a bit.  There was some hanging skin in her mouth but she was good to go shortly after.

 You can kinda see her lip had a little scab that lasted for a couple days.  It didn't keep her from looking cute, though.  :)

 We went to dinner on a Sunday night two weeks ago after Kyle got back from being away for work all weekend.  We went out for dinner.  She looks so grown up in her dress and jellies.  And sweet with her holding dada's fingers.

This was the same night just before, in the restaurant.  She came to sit on my lap and was so overwhelmed with joy, the only way she could show it was to reach up and squeeze me and pull me closer.  It was presh.

My big blue bright-eyed little smooch!

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