Monday, April 7, 2014

Air Show

This last weekend our base put on an air show and we, of course, went to watch!  We actually were spoiled and went the day before for a family day at Kyle's squadron and got to watch the practice rather than fight the 45,000 spectators that showed up on Saturday.  It was right during the middle of her nap time that the Thunderbirds were suppose to start but she did great and wasn't acting too tired so we stayed.  I was worried about her ears, because the planes are LOUD, but they only startled her with the first flyover and then she was fine.  She kept saying, "airpanes, airpanes, airpanes"  She Loved it.  We got to see a C-5 and then his current plane as well.

Ella did fall asleep as soon as the Thunderbirds were done.  Kyle picked her up out of the stroller and she immediately laid her head down and fell asleep.  There were still all sorts of loud engines running and some other planes practicing.  Didn't phase her.

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