Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Few Favorites

Absolutely can not wait to see the little baby b in these super cute outfits.  Like I said quite a while ago, I've bought a few outfits for her but I've been trying to be really good about not.  She's lucky to have been gifted so many adorable outfits so far!  The peach-ish pink-ish bubble dress and matching sandals are too cute for words.  I'm in love with any sort of romper out there like the striped one below.  Little baby b also has a few others but the one below is a 0-3 months so hopefully we'll see her in it real soon.  And anything with light pink I'm a huge sucker for right now.  Well...ever since we found out little baby b is a girl I can't get enough pink...seriously!  

 Just another shot of the clothes but check out the adorable purple puma sweatsuit on the end....Kyle LOVES it...and so do I!  Thanks Kinsey!

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