Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all those out there who served or are serving our country, including my hubby and Grandpa Winkler!  I appreciate all your service and I know a lot of times it has gone unnoticed but today I'm thinking especially about you!

So I've been feeling the need to brag about my husband, Kyle, and today seemed very fitting since it's Memorial Day.  I've just been thinking a lot lately about how lucky I am to have Kyle in my life.  Not only in my life but as a husband who takes incredible care of me.  It just hits me some days harder than others and today is one of them.  Could be a little bit of the hormones...just saying.  ;)

I was driving home from running a few errands, coming over one of the hills that looks onto Travis AFB and I see these amazing planes flying in the pattern and I know that one of them is Kyle.  He was just flying a local today, keeping up on his currencies.  I'm just so amazed and impressed by what he does...I know, a lot of times I don't even really realize that my husband pilots a plane.  Not only does he pilot this huge plane but he flies for the the Air Force to protect our country.  Now, how many people can say they do that?  Not many.  I'm just so proud of him--it's a pretty neat thing what he does.

On top of flying, he has a job on base he does when he's not put it in easy terms it's an office sort of job.  So, he comes back from missions and works there.  Then, on top of flying and his office job he has started his masters degree.  (This is pretty normal with all these pilots, getting a masters degree is kind of the next thing expected of them.)  When he gets home from missions he goes to work and when he gets home from work he studies for his masters classes.  Then, when he's done studying for his masters classes he studies more on the C-5.  This man works hard!  So very proud to call him my own.  :)

Lately, I feel like that doesn't leave much time for me....but once again, I'm sure that's some of my hormones talking.  :)  (That could also be why there is still a crib, mattress, rug, and dresser in my entryway.  haha!)  He is a busy guy!  Little baby b and I Love You so much, KYLE!  XOXO

top:  Kyle in front of the C-5
middle left:  Kyle in his Captain Sand Suit  middle right:  C-5 with flares  
bottom left:  C-5 in Germany  bottom right: me and Kyle

top:  Kyle before going on a mission  middle left: kyle with his Captain rank  middle right:  me and Kyle(now you know how close our houses out here in CA are)  bottom left:  me and Kyle at Joel's Graduation  bottom right: another of Kyle before leaving on a mission

***  Since today is Memorial Day and I did this post I'll be posting my 31 weeks either late tonight or tomorrow! :)

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