Wednesday, June 6, 2012

32 Weeks

sorry I'm late on posting my weekly update again...with the shower this last weekend and getting Kyle ready to go to Texas, I was super busy.  Also, I had to remind my mom that I take the pic at the very end of the week so I'm actually a week further along in real time.  (if that makes sense)  ;)

How far along?  32 weeks
Total weight gain:  +19 lbs 
Maternity clothes? Dresses, leggings, and maternity tops or any long tops that I can find in my closet to go over the bump! 
Sleep:  same as last few weeks…not great
Stretch marks?  Still none…keeping those fingers crossed
Miss anything?  Sleeping through the night, not huffing and puffing every time I go up and down the stairs, bending over with ease, not running into things with my belly because I’m not used to it being there, etc.   
Movement:  all the time…but I love it more than anything!
Food Cravings: fruit, sweets, veggie sandwiches, still haven’t got that hot fudge sundae…I need to go!
Anything making you sick or queasy:  not really, sometimes meat
Gender:  it’s a GIRL
Labor signs:  a few small, barely noticeable contractions
Symptoms: allergies are much better, a couple headaches, hands and feet starting to swell a bit when I’m on my feet all day
Belly Button in or out?  In-the Doc asked when my innie would turn into an outie…I said I was wondering the same thing…
Wedding rings on or off?  on
Mood: happy and stressed a little
Excitement this week: BABY SHOWER!!!!
Looking forward to:  My next few ultrasounds…I LOVE seeing that beauty growing in there!  

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