Friday, June 1, 2012

The Shabby Chic Dresser

Alright!  I'm finally finished with that dresser!  We even, finally, got it upstairs to the nursery!  Yay for progress!  :)

Ran into a few bumps along the way but I'm pretty happy with it.  Only spent a little extra money on it than planned and that was just because I wanted an extra coat of paint on it.  The little baskets I found at a discount store for about $5 and they seem to work.  Not perfect in my mind but I like them.  I couldn't decided if I should just paint the handles that came with the dresser--since they were pretty shabby chic looking--or find crystal knobs and fill in the extra handle holes (which I was very uneasy about how the filling in the holes would work--not great but 1-it's an old dresser and 2-you can't really tell).  I really wanted the second option (the crystal knobs) so I looked and looked for knobs.  Found the perfect ones at Hobby Lobby but they only had one, of course.  I also already had a set of 4 but that wasn't enough, obviously, and I couldn't find any that matched them.  So I have one perfect knob and 4 okay knobs.  Then, mom suggests just finding a bunch of random ones.  Good idea, however, I currently only have 2 styles so I go to Lowe's and find 2 crystal knobs and then remember I found some at HomeGoods that were okay but I wasn't sure so I go there and buy a set of 4.  Now I have 4 different styles.  And NOW I don't like the different styles.  I took the ones from Lowe's back and went back HomeGoods to get more of the okay knobs from there because they had grown on me once I had seen them in the drawer.  So after the handle debacle I went with the HomeGoods knobs for $8.  Genius.  I now think they're the cutest knobs ever!  haha!  Phew...ok so that's the story of the dresser.

I also put drawer organizers from IKEA in each of the drawers to help with organizing such little itty bitty baby things such as socks, bloomers, etc.

once again...the before

finished product!


the baskets

drawer organizers

more drawer organizers--on a side note you can see I needed to sand that ledge that the baskets sit on better because the paint didn't stick.  eh-oh well...maybe we'll fix it later


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