Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Crib is up!

Since Kyle is leaving for about a month we got busy setting up the things I can't carry and were able to set up the crib.  About time, right!?!  Sad thing is it only took about 20-30 minutes, which made me frustrated it was in my entryway for so long.  haha...oh well!  So I took a few pictures along the way while Kyle was setting the crib up...he said to apologize for not having a shirt on.  But we HAD to have evidence for little baby b of her crib being set up by her daddy.  Thanks to my mom and dad, again, for giving us money to buy the crib!  You guys are the best!

reading the instructions

starting with the first screw

had to take a pic of his beer with the screws and washers

oops...put the side on backwards so turning

now adding the other side

adding the springs...or whatever you want to call that thing that holds the matress

all done!  :)

put one of the sheets I have on

had to take a pic with a few accessories..of course

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